Thinking back to 2019, a bit of a mixed bag movie-wise, with some big highs and big lows, I now set out to remember some of my favorite films of that year. Keep in mind, reading through this list, two things: 1/ I did not see every movie or even every movie you'd think was essential to see ( 1917 , Uncut Gems etc.) and 2/ These are personal favorites, not the films I think were necessarily the "best" of the year. 15 THE FAREWELL Directed by Lulu Wang and based on her own family, The Farewell was a funny and moving film starring Awkwafina about a family keeping a grandmother's cancer diagnosis hidden from her so she can enjoy what time she has left. Excellent performances all around. 14 SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME While it's certainly not as good a film as The Farewell , or even Spider-Man Homecoming , Spider-Man: Far From Home was Marvel's most fun blockbuster that year (sorry, Endgame ) and, as a comic book movie fan, I enjoyed every minute of it. Jake Gylle